Excitement build-up for the mehndi party tomorrow!

The day has almost finally arrived! From what was a booking two months ago (this is good, I encourage bookings in advance), to what is now a mehndi party in a day's time...I must say I'm quite excited! My preparations were done well in advance too; I've mixed a super-dark staining paste, this time including both lavender and tea-tree oil, and it stains like a charm. Showing appreciation to my clients is also very important, so I've created a batch full of thank-you cards.

These are the beginning stages.

This is a sneak preview of some of the designs that will appear at the party.

I quite like this one. It's an older design, but I feel it still works well. And it's quick to do.
Overall, I'm feeling a mixture of nervousness, excitement, jittery-ness and anticipation. I really look forward to how everything is going to turn out! Photos of the event will be uploaded in my next post. Stay tuned!

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