Speed and accuracy while practicing new designs

Speed and accuracy are two extremely important aspects to consider when doing mehndi, especially bridal mehndi; these sessions could take up to 6 hours to complete! It would also be comfortable for the bride to have the mehndi applied as quickly, effortlessly and neatly as possible.

On that note, these designs have been timed with the intention of reducing the amount of time spent on each.

These three designs took 3.5 minutes, 11 minutes and 16 minutes respectively.

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More original designs, including bridal mehndi and sangeet strips!

Wow, it feels like ages since I've been on here! Since then, I've been working on improving my designs (including bridal mehndi, geometric patterns and sangeet strips).

These are a few of the designs I've been working on.

This is a sangeet strip that was done on a rolled-up sheet of thick paper, done on 23 March.

A bridal mehndi design, done on 26 March.

Another bridal mehndi compilation, done in an Indian style on 30 March (including the photos below).

This was a spontaneous design, done in a Khaleeji/Gulf style.

Another spontaneous, free-flowing design.

The bridal compilation, at a different angle.

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I am now on Facebook!

Hi everyone! I've created a new Facebook group, called "Lydi's Mehndi Designs"...Please check it out, and share!

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There is a link to the group on my profile, I have posted up most of my new work in the group.


Bits 'n Bobs

This post is titled 'Bits 'n Bobs' because these are a few designs I've done without really having categorized them. Sometimes I just feel like grabbing a mehndi cone from the freezer and putting down what comes to mind. Sometimes fabric paint on paper works too. They range from December 2014 to March 2015; the latest design I did was yesterday.

My portfolio cover; fabric paint is actually quite manageable to work with!

The complete cover.

Mehndi stains; before and after

This post should be interesting! I certainly find the darkening process of mehndi quite interesting, as it starts off alarmingly light (sometimes I wonder if it'll ever darken!), but deepens by the evening, the next day, and finally completes over two days.

The next few photos should demonstrate the fascinating darkening process over 48 hours.

This is when it appears to be alarmingly light!

Seems to have darkened well in the end, though.

And finally...

A Practice Session With Kiera

Hi everyone! This is the first blog post I've had the courage to post up, mostly because I spent too much time deciding which camera angles were the best, which photos looked the nicest, how long the posts were going to be, if I had enough photos to post up, etc.!

Kiera's my sister; she had the time (and patience) to be my 'mehndi model'...I must say she fits the bill perfectly.

This is a close-up shot I took of her palm, and the others are of the completed design on her outer arm.

The popular design by Divya Patel; the flowing lines were quite tricky, but all was successful in the end.

The creator of this design is unknown to me. The seal looks like green glitter; thanks, Nokia camera! (It's all love though, it's my trusty camera.)

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