Win up to 50% off your mehndi package! It's free, and there are no catches.

It's competition time! It’s the first one I’m hosting and I can't wait to see how it turns out. There are only 3 winning spots, so let's make it fun, shall we ;)

So, what’s needed to enter?

- Design a cool henna strip (wrist to finger) or small design, something you feel would be awesome enough to be seen on your own hand, or on your wedding day.

- I'm looking for creativity; extra points if you take a selfie with your creation! Any style is great, from geometrics to flowing florals.

- It doesn't have to be a Michelangelo (although if you want it to be, it can! If you want it to be a Picasso, that's a different story...)! As long as all the elements are clear, creative and visible, this will be enough.

- Any medium of your choice may be used. This includes pens, pencils, paint, crayons, chalk, salt on a table (remember those salt adverts in the 90s?), even a henna cone itself.

How are entries given in?

All you need to do to enter is to send me an email (from a valid and traceable address) to with:

- Your name
- Your general area
- Your creative photo
- That's it! Even if you're not on Facebook, you can enter.

I won't disclose any of your information to anyone, and you don't need to have made a booking with me to be eligible to enter.

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- Share this post to spread awareness of this competition to everyone you know would be interested! Use the hashtag #LydiMehndiContest when sharing!

What’s up for grabs?

The 3 most creative entries will win:

- 1st prize: 50% off your mehndi package worth R300 or more.

- 2nd prize: 35% off your mehndi package worth R300 or more.

- 3rd prize: 20% off your mehndi package worth R300 or more.

Who can enter?

All ladies aged 18+ who:

- Live in Pietermaritzburg, or who would love to travel to PMB to claim their prize, especially if you're having an event here.

- Would love to win an individual appointment, or:

- Are potential brides. (Yes, my lovely can win up to 50% off your bridal mehndi!)
The final submission date for all entries is Tuesday, 22 September 2015 at 7pm. The winners will be notified by email first, and then in my next blog post on Wednesday, 23 September 2015 at 5pm. (You also get another reason to celebrate on Heritage Day.)

Well I think it's safe to say that my left hand isn't winning this competition.

Hopefully my right-handed work gives you comfort.

What if there are other brilliant entries, besides the top 3?

- I have a feeling there will be more than 3 great designs, so the top 10 entries will be showcased too.

Important terms and conditions:
- Only one entry per person is allowed, which must represent your own work.

- No copying from the internet, please! Immediate disqualification will follow.

- You must be 18 years or older to be eligible to enter.

- The most original, creative and eye-catching designs will make their way to the top for a winning spot.

- No inappropriate photos, I beg you.

- Only entries sent to me via email will be considered for a winning spot.

- Prizes are valid for 2015 until July 2016 only.

- No posting any entries on my Facebook Page; I'm sure you'd love your work to remain a surprise until it's winning time ;)

- This competition is open only to residents of South Africa.

- The prizes are for brides and individual appointments only; one person per prize.

- The prize applies to an amount of R300 (minimum equivalent of fully detailed designs up til wrists, both hands and both sides) or more for individual appointments, and all complete bridal packages (hands and feet).

- If you have any condition that will prevent you from having mehndi on your skin at all, include this in your email entry, and you can still be eligible for the remaining top 7 best designs.

- You consent to allowing me to use your name on this site along with your artwork to announce you as a winner, as well as permission for me to shout it from the the rooftops that you won!

- You also agree that this particular artwork of yours now belongs to me. *Evil laugh* ...I'm just kidding. You'll own all the rights to it, but by entering it into the competition, you give me permission to showcase it on social networks, and maybe even in my portfolio with full credit!

- This competition is in no way affiliated with, or sponsored by Facebook or Blogger.

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All that's left is:


Designing and clicking time!

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