Who's in line to be adorned with my new designs? *ear-to-ear grin*

These designs are (hopefully) in keeping with the times; I wanted to create something that's modern, while incorporating some traditional elements.

Moroccan-Indian fusion inspires me, mostly because it poses a challenge to me. Proportion, fine lines and checkerboards were all part of the learning process.

A modern take on an Indian design; the traditional checkerboards are there, but different fillers are present in other areas.

Something lighter! I love the heaviness of the finger designs and how the lighter flow of the paisleys offsets it. I did these designs in felt-tip because I wanted to work much more quickly, and ideas were coming to me quickly. I chose a felt-tip that represented the flow that could be achieved with a real henna cone.

A shortened version, brought to life.

Growth is always important. When you look at work from when you first started out (no matter what profession you're in), to looking at the work you recently do, and there's quite an improvement - you've certainly grown. (If you haven't? There's certainly room for growth!) I feel I've made an improvement in the past three months, and this only makes me more confident that I can give you better designs, and better quality work.

Here's a design I drew out in March 2015:

I feel that it lacked some finesse, seeing as my cone control wasn't quite there, so three months later I decided to try and recreate it. (Also, pardon the outline; I did that with my left hand!) Here's the completed design, done yesterday (4th June):

The main elements are still there, but with the practice coming in handy, it's a bit more refined. Three months is a lot of time to get those hand muscles working! (I haven't used a hand grip strengthener but I think I should invest in one.)

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