Are you ready for more stain photos?

Mixing new batches of mehndi always intrigues me, especially when the stain is even better than before! Last night I decided to do some drawings, so here they are.

 I can never decide on one particular design, especially when I don't have my final design drawn out in front of me.

 The next morning, straight after paste removal, I got my design looking like this. It looks like a hot mess, but darkening a lot more will clarify it.

Six hours down the line (after paste removal and good care), this is what I ended up with. In my next post, I will show you what this stain looks like in about 24 hours' time. Do you like this stain? Come on over, make your booking with me! My details are in the 'Contact Me' tab right at the top. I look forward to seeing you!

A new design; simple...yet bold

Here is a new design, created while I was drawing up a larger bridal design. I sidetracked a bit, and this design popped up out of nowhere.

It is simple, yet bold. We had our family over after my cousin (more like a sister), Chardae, tied the knot last weekend! I modified this design to contain hearts instead of loops as her bridal design (she didn't want anything too detailed), but we didn't get to see each other in time for me to actually do the design. The wedding was heavenly, regardless! When family was nice and comfortable here at home, I was helping to clear up and everything, and the mehndi began to fleck off in places, so I dusted it all off after about an hour.

Not too bad, considering this took about 20 hours to darken to this colour. (The little design on the left was added in the evening, but after about 5 minutes after I applied it, I smudged it. Careless! So I had to tissue it off. I thought it would never darken.)

I just had to take this, didn't I! It reminds me of the conversational moustache Amy used in 'Big Bang Theory'...well, close enough :D

My first facelift! (and a surprise)

You read right!'s a facelift of this blog, though ;)
By the title you're probably thinking, "The facelift wasn't the surprise??" It's about time it needed a fresh, cleaner look.

Now, on to the surprise!

I'm releasing a glitter package to complement my mehndi packages! It's still work in progress, but I'm excited at its arrival.

I will be using only cosmetic grade, polyethylene terephthalate glitters - polyester, as a less tongue-twisting name. I'll never use the R5 glitters found at the Chinese store on the skin! (It's all love though. Their colours are so pretty.)

So come on over and get your henna done! Glitter is a gorgeous addition to any design.

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