Changes, changes.

I have come to a realisation - lately I've been making a lot of changes in a short space of time! I'll include it all in this post; further changes, naturally, will be included in future posts.

First up - my price list. I've tweaked a few prices here and there in order to simplify things and make the decision-making process so much easier. These prices account for time, quality of henna (remember, I enjoy and prefer mixing my own; I won't hesitate to tell you what's in it. I'm also looking around to try different henna powders, all organic of course), punctuality and atmosphere of your appointment. Not to say that I'd give a lousy appointment for a small booking! With good care (I provide printed instructions for you to refer to), the results are good ;)

Second - my bridal packages. There used to be four tiers (bronze, silver, gold and platinum); now there are only three: silver, gold and platinum. The prices are so much better. This is all in the process; there may be further changes in the future but for now, three choices instead of four makes things way easier. The designs are more striking and unique; I'll put some up in my next post for you to see; I hope you'd love them!

Third - I've been making changes to this site; it's all to make navigation and clarity most convenient. Some days some elements may be there, other days you'll see it might be removed (for example, I had a Google Form on my 'Contact Me' page, but I had to keep manually checking for updates and if someone needs a prompt answer, it's not a good option at all). It's just including what works. I feel that e-mail is the best option at the start because you can send me a few examples of pics you've seen that interest you, and I can work around those. (I won't copy, unless you're completely in love with that particular design). You can also include all the questions you'd like to ask - don't be afraid if you feel like it's an essay! The more you specify what you're looking for, the better. You aren't tied to just e-mailing me at first though, if calling me or sending me a message is better for you, go ahead.

Fourth - my portfolios are expanding. I have two; one for individual appointments and quick festival designs, another for bridal designs. There are designs moving up the ranks, others are moving down, and some are being scrapped completely.

A sangeet strip for an individual appointment. You can see traces of older henna -
I just can't wait to get started with the next design!

Good communication is essential and I would love for you to keep in touch - subscribe to my posts via e-mail to be notified of more changes, additions to the site, and even just to view my work. (That's most of the essence of this site!)

A full, free-form sleeve.

Don't these tempt you? :D

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