A Practice Session With Kiera

Hi everyone! This is the first blog post I've had the courage to post up, mostly because I spent too much time deciding which camera angles were the best, which photos looked the nicest, how long the posts were going to be, if I had enough photos to post up, etc.!

Kiera's my sister; she had the time (and patience) to be my 'mehndi model'...I must say she fits the bill perfectly.

This is a close-up shot I took of her palm, and the others are of the completed design on her outer arm.

The popular design by Divya Patel; the flowing lines were quite tricky, but all was successful in the end.

The creator of this design is unknown to me. The seal looks like green glitter; thanks, Nokia camera! (It's all love though, it's my trusty camera.)

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