10% discount offered on bookings made for Eid (for R100 and over)

Ramadan Mubarak to all who are keeping their fast this month! It certainly is a time for reflection, inner peace and being aware of the suffering of people less fortunate than ourselves.
As we progress through this month, we need to be strong and keep our faith. Eat nourishing, slow energy-releasing foods early in the morning, and conserve your energy throughout the day. (Have a look through my other posts too, there are a few stories that'll relax you and help conserve your energy!)

I'm offering a 10% discount (per person) to everyone who makes their bookings for Eid, for R100 and over.
The usual group discount applies; when you come over in a group of 4 or more people, you get a 20% discount, if each person gets their henna done for at least R100.
Quote "henna-is-never-black" to let me know you've seen the discount on this post.
Within Pietermaritzburg I will travel to you; if you're out of PMB, I would appreciate if you come to me, that way you save on travel fees (this is a great opportunity to come in groups!)
You're more than welcome to make your usual appointments for bridal mehndi, wedding-night-before parties, engagement henna, etc.

I wish you all everything of the best. Stay strong, and may the almighty Allah shower peace, prosperity and success upon you!

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