The main reason why I think checkerboards are lousy

Don't get me wrong. I love checkerboards! They're a striking part of a design, and often the element around which the entire design is built.

However, I don't prefer them on my palms. Here's why.

We've all got lined palms; line of life, heart, marriage, children, etc. On some hands, they look like delicate lines drawn by the angels themselves. On others, however, they look like jackhammered cracks in a pavement. Can you guess which category mine fall in? ;)

For example, have a look at these lines. They plough straight through the board and leave massive cracks that ruin the effect, and that's putting it lightly. I'd suggest it to be on the tops of your hands instead of your palms if your lines of life, etc. aren't so deeply engraved into your hand, mainly because the cracks themselves and the immediate skin surrounding them don't stain well, if at all.

If you're a bride to be and you love the checkerboards and you're blessed with smooth hands front and back, I'd say go for it. Otherwise (like me), opt for them on the smoother, less lined skin on the tops of your hands.

This beauty inspires me all the time. She's the owner of Henna Lounge.

I wanted to show this to you to demonstrate how much smoother the design looks here (done on the same day as the checkerboard design); the colour is uniform because it's a jackhammer-crack-free zone. I just love this design and I didn’t even want to modify the original too much; normally I’m a person who prefers their entire hand covered in henna, but this one has beauty in its simplicity.

Strangely enough, I feel for a game of checkers. How about you?

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