Are you ready for more stain photos?

Mixing new batches of mehndi always intrigues me, especially when the stain is even better than before! Last night I decided to do some drawings, so here they are.

 I can never decide on one particular design, especially when I don't have my final design drawn out in front of me.

 The next morning, straight after paste removal, I got my design looking like this. It looks like a hot mess, but darkening a lot more will clarify it.

Six hours down the line (after paste removal and good care), this is what I ended up with. In my next post, I will show you what this stain looks like in about 24 hours' time. Do you like this stain? Come on over, make your booking with me! My details are in the 'Contact Me' tab right at the top. I look forward to seeing you!

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